Work on various IOS devices by saving to iCloud.

VanguShotlist makes it easy to create, edit, and mark as completed all shots that need to be taken.

Our goal is to make things simple so that you never miss a shot. So, when it comes time to import your footage during editing you won’t discover that you are missing a very important shot. Some mistakes simply can't be “fixed in post”.

The app allows you to make as many shot lists as you wish. Both shot lists and the shots within can be easily reordered or edited. In addition to a description for each shot, you can also select the type of shot, and any VFX parameters that have to be considered on set. When a shot is done, you can easily swipe and mark as completed.

We appreciate your interest in VanguShotlist and always appreciate feedback, constructive criticism, and feature requests via our Facebook page or email. If you haven’t already, purchase VanguShotlist via the iOS App Store or Google Play store today.

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If you are an iOS user VanguShotlist automatically stores your lists in iCloud so that regardless of where you are or on what device you prefer, at any given moment, you can keep creating -- without missing a beat.

With VanguShotlist you can start a shotlist on your iPhone sitting on a park bench, continue refining it on your Mac in the office (requires MacOS Mac Sur or later), and make any last minute changes on your iPad with you on set. Then, mark your shots as completed as you progress through the day.